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Are you into sports? Or maybe you want to make your lifestyle a little bit healthier? Then you probably will be interested in this Stepz app that lets you count steps, collect your motion data, and even compete with your friends and family. I installed the app a couple of weeks ago, and since then, I use it pretty much every day!


First off, I like the bright and cheerful design. The very styling of this app motivates me to go for a walk and count how many steps I take. I’m not a big fan of running, but I guess the Stepz app will be pretty useful for all of you runners over there, too. I give the Stepz a solid 5 for its design!


So, the app lets you count steps, calculate distance, and compete with your friends. The last feature can be very motivating if you want to increase your daily activity but get lazy from time to time. Also, the app stores your step history and shows your daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly step charts so that you can easily track your progress.
What I like even more, the app can calculate how much calories you burn. So, if you want not only to move more but also lose some weight, Stepz can be a useful tool for keeping track of the energy you spend.
Using Stepz, you can set daily step goals – or you can trust the app to do this. It also features achievements that help you stay motivated and reach other, more advanced goals.
Stepz has a full integration with Apple Health, and you can import your steps from the Apple Health app. Stepz also lets you export and import your steps to (or from) a CVS file. So, you definitely can keep track of your daily activity using this app.
The app is compatible with iPhone and Apple Watch since it was specially developed for these devices. However, there are lots of similar step counter apps for Android as well that you can easily find on Google Play. I don’t know for sure, but I believe their features should be similar to those of the Stepz app for iOS. So, I rate the Stepz 4/5 for its features.

Convenience and Performance

Stepz is quite easy-to-use and convenient. In my experience, the app has been rather accurate in counting steps. Although I’ve seen some reviews of people complaining about the app being extremely inaccurate. Maybe that was a bug or something like that.
Stepz runs in the background, and the battery drain is relatively low for that kind of apps. Moreover, the app doesn’t even need GPS. And to see the number of steps you don’t even need to open the app since its icon badge shows your step count.
I have to say, the app sometimes crashes. In my experience, it has worked pretty well, though there may be some minor lags as no app is immune to them.
As I said before, I use Stepz on the everyday basis. It’s a great tool for keeping track of your progress, staying motivated, and having some fun while walking. The overall convenience and performance of the Stepz app get 4/5.

  • There are lots of handy features available;
  • The app has a clear and intuitive interface, and the design is great, too;
  • Full integration with Apple Health.


  • Stepz is compatible only with iPhone and Apple Watch;
  • Some useful features require at least iPhone 6;
  • Sometimes, the app crashes.

The Verdict

Overall, Stepz is a convenient pedometer for keeping track of your daily activity which has quite a lot of handy features. It’s a great tool for everyone who wants to stay fit, achieve new step goals, and practice a healthy lifestyle. Just keep in mind that this Stepz app can be really addictive as some people tend to use it literally every day.

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