Full Review of Plenti -Shopping with Points and Rewards

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Publisher: American Express
Last update: 1 year ago
Size: 13.76M
Compatibility: Android 4.3 and up, iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Price: free
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Plenti is a great way to put your rewards, and other bonuses garnered from different places to use through a single card. Put the rewards from your favorite brands into a single channel and make everything exciting. Turn points into actual dollar savings with this app for all Android devices and iDevices. The app is free, so it’s double savings all the way through.


The first thing you see when you launch the tool on your iPad, iPhone or Android mobile is the predominantly blue Home screen with the day’s Offers, as well as Points and Online Shopping tabs at the top of the UI. Under Offers, you’ll see your merchants and whether their points are activated or not. Under Shopping, you can see featured stores and products on sale, and the dollar equivalents for each point you get. The flawless, intuitive and simple-yet-sleek interface is why Plenti’s design gets a 5/5 rating.


Plenti is one of the apps your Google Android or iOS device shouldn’t miss. It scores highly on its usefulness with a 5/5. The fact that you can utilize all your rewards and bonuses from different merchant retailers in one handy place is exceptional. While it may be more for folks who have diverse shopping tastes, you probably won’t have trouble finding your favorite brand on the card. You can view your points, balances and transaction history all via the app.
You will get free coupons and special discounts if you shop for specific products which are obviously a marketing trick, but it still helps. Some Plenti partners require you to link directly to their systems through an account, although the majority don’t. 1000 Plenti points will get you at least 10 bucks’ worth of rewards, and 1 dollar spent will get you at least one Plenti point which isn’t too bad. It offers multi-language support too, which is always a plus.

Convenience and Performance

The app rates at a solid 4.5 out of 5 for performance and convenience. Plenti has a really complicated application process, thus losing half a point. It performs excellently both as an Android app and an iOS one. The latest version is even faster and runs great on all devices. The app allows you to use any card, whether credit card, debit card or even cash which is convenient for everyone. The problem with this app is that people may not necessarily shop at Winn-Dixie or get gas at Exxon.

  • Convenient;
  • Comes in handy when you’re low on cash;
  • Beautifully designed and becomes better with each new update.


  • Limited shopping outlets to use at;
  • Most of the time you shop on promos and not for actual points;
  • Complicated starting process.

The Verdict

Get the Google Play app for Plenti or its iOS version on your phone and reap benefits. You won’t save loads of cash, but a 10-dollar saving still feels good. The app is constantly updated, so expect very few bugs when using this app. Plenti is definitely a leader when it comes to retail reward programs, and if they could get enough merchant outlets and retailers to partner with them, they would be so much better. It would be pretty cool to redeem actual points instead of the promos.

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