Google Fit. The Ultimate Fitness Companion. Read The Review!

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Publisher: Google Inc.
Last update: 1 year ago
Size: 18.28M
Compatibility: Android 4.0,3 and up.
Price: free
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This Google Play app for fitness tracking has made giant strides in the past few years with regular updates to ensure an enjoyable experience for users. Its general purpose is smooth tracking of your exercise activity and ensuring you remain fit. Here’s a review of this app.


This Google Android app has the sleekest design compared to most of the apps in this genre. It is also quite simple to get familiar with, and I was able to integrate the technology into my exercise schedule. With such a straightforward user interface, even a first-timer would have an easy time navigating the app. The app also uses sporty imagery that keeps me in the exercise mood. I also like the fact that all the statistics are displayed both in words and using graphs. This makes it easy to monitor progress. In this category, the app for all Android devices scores a solid 4.2/5.


Features are where most apps excel, and Google Fit is no different from the rest. With this app, you can get insights regarding the best exercise regimens based on the information collected from the walks, runs, rides, or even hikes. Google Fit records the route, elevation, pace, and even speed, adding to the motivation required to reach the set goals.
Google Fit is available on Google Play and support varies with the device used. The updates bring with them lots of enhancements on the features, so you need to look out for any developments to enjoy the already exciting functionality. I give the fitness tracking tool a 4.4/5 rating for its features.

Convenience and Performance

Once installed, I did not experience any problems with this app, although syncing it with my devices took some time. Nonetheless, the Android app works seamlessly on my device. I was also experiencing lags earlier on, but with every update, the app seems to get better. The app’s latest version comes with enhanced performance. This fitness tracker always delivers what I need handily. I rate it 4/5 for convenience and performance.

  • Automatic login from your mobile device or watch;
  • Real-time insights;
  • Personalized fitness goals;
  • Google Fit is a free app.


  • A few issues with step counting;
  • Automatically changes activity;
  • Problems with weight tracking.

The Verdict

Google Fit is the health and fitness app that many people have been waiting for. I like this Android mobile app not just for its compatibility, but also the ability to track all movement plus elevation as well. Though it has several notable disadvantages, the good side of the leading app overshadows bad one. Moreover, the setbacks, as well as the bugs, are usually addressed with every update, so you can still enjoy the features and convenience of the app. Finally, this application has never crashed on my device. I would recommend this app to anybody who wishes to record workout progress and get it analyzed for a specialized training regimen.

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