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In these days of endless internet tracking and mobile web surveillance, DuckDuckGo offers some much-needed privacy on your iOS or Android mobile device. The browser engine doesn’t track your IP address, and neither does it collect cookies from your phone that may be used to direct ads at you.

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The DuckDuckGo app probably has the best features for anonymous browsing on any search engine that I have used so far. As an alternative to Tor browsing or Private VPN, DuckDuckGo ensures that any website and advertisers tracking you are blocked or exposed, and also forces websites which have an HTTPS version to redirect you to that version of the site if available. Unlike major search engines which track you and collect cookies, DuckDuckGo combines private browsing and tracker blocking into a single experience. It also prevents websites from redirecting your traffic without your permission and exposes all advertisers tracking you. You can also use a fully encrypted version of the app.
The Fire button on the app allows you to clear all your data and searches in one single tap. You will also get your regular search engine functionalities such as Tabs, Autocomplete, and Bookmarks. DuckDuckGo produces collated searches from general keywords and not your previous search history, unlike other mainstream browsers. DuckDuckGo is a true private browser which offers real functionalities for anonymous browsing without setting up complex VPNs.
The iOS version requires iOS 10.0 or later and is compatible with iPhones (5s or higher), iPads (Mini, Air, Pro) and iPod touch. The Android app runs on Android 5.0 or later.

Ease of Use

DuckDuckGo is just like your regular browser with the usual tools. Using the app is seamless, and I haven’t experienced any bugs on either the iOS or Android versions.
The latest version offers an updated UI with better color contrast and new icons, and also some other stability enhancements.


Both the DuckDuckGo App Store and Google Play apps have pleasant and simple designs which anyone can immediately get used to. The UI is typical to your regular search engines including tabs, the search bar, and even the weather. The display will show a large flame icon if you visit a site that tries to collect your data or has a security concern. Some users protest this particular part of the UI design, but I personally find it unique.


The app is free to install on both App Store and Google Play. There are no in-app purchases.

  • Stable search engine;
  • Blocks ad-displays;
  • Doesn’t collect your search history or favorites.


  • Doesn’t offer CSS filtering;
  • Lacks a widget for mobile;
  • The browser slows down significantly when you open several tabs simultaneously.


DuckDuckGo is the leading browser in my books, whether for mobile or the web version. It affords you the best shot at private and anonymous browsing; it is also really simple to use. This app solves a real problem, and everyone should definitely have this app on their device.

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