Full Review of Explorer – It Knows How to Have Your Stuff Organized

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I believe you’re acquainted with the conception of the artistic chaos. You know that special mayhem that every one of us can observe on a desk, in a closet, wardrobe, kitchen etc.
And our mobile devices aren’t free from that phenomenon either. Sometimes you might not know how awfully packed its “intestines” can be with useless files, crash-logs and other bits of information that shamelessly consume the memory of your smartphone.
Luckily, there are special mobile applications that will help you bring logic and order into your mobile environment.
So let’s see for what purposes Explorer can be utilized.

For: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android
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Explorer developed by Speed Software is a classic file manager that provides you access to all the internal data on your gadget. It automatically browses every little thing that only gets into its field of vision both on the embedded device memory and SD-card. Sometimes you may feel like you’ve lost something on your smartphone/tablet. It can be anything: a set of photos from your last trip to Europe, a report for the biology class in the PDF format, a Ninja Fruit Slice that you wanted to install but forgot… Absolutely anything!
And that’s the moment when Explorer comes into play. You can locate anything you need through this app whether checking the folders manually or typing the name of a lost file in the search bar that it has.
Moreover, there are some other impressive options that the latest version offers you:

  • You have the “authority” to see the hidden files, which normally are invisible to regular users;
  • ZIP and TAR-archives can be created right in this software;
  • Google Drive and Dropbox synchronization is available, which is a gargantuan advantage;
  • You can adjust the preview regime easily;
  • Files can be sorted according to such parameters as “name”, “date” etc. – nothing will escape your attention;
  • The app automatically “remembers” the last viewed files, in case you had to interrupt your session with the Explorer.

What really deserves to be acknowledged is that the developers voluntarily disabled the Google Firebase that analyzes what exactly you do in the application. Those users who hate the idea of being treated like laboratory mice will find it beneficial. However, don’t forget that such analysis helps to improve the overall performance of the app.
Although Explorer is an advanced tool for file-management, it doesn’t endow you with the root access, that’s what his older brother can do – Root Explorer. But it doesn’t provide its services for free. Sorry folks, no pre-installed application deletions this time.

Ease of use

The application is user-friendly and quite intuitive. You can choose:

  • Themes – from laconic “black” to sophisticated “indigo”;
  • Different folder colors;
  • Customizable icons;
  • Various preview modes: “Simple list”, “Detailed list” etc.

Tab visibility can be regulated as well – you have such modes as “Always visible”, “Always hidden” etc.
The only thing I’d like to criticize about the design of Explorer is its logo in the main menu. It looks somewhat archaic and out-of-date – they used to create identical designs back in 2003, I believe, when Android was a word that you could hear in Star Wars movies only.

  • It has cloud syncing;
  • It’s highly useful and functional;
  • The app get is free.


  • Root access denied;
  • Upgrade costs around $5;
  • A little design improvement wouldn’t hurt.


It works great as a file manager, but I’d recommend using the Root Explorer to gain the full control over your device.

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