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Microsoft Outlook app – is a place where we can add all emails and perform control of the incoming letters. It’s widely used together with Calendar and cloud services. Using this app you can arrange a meeting, filter incoming letters. This is just a very short list of all the app’s possibilities.

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In spite of the fact that smartphones became the main device for reading e-mails, most of us make only basic sorting of letters on the phone, leaving the main functions for performance on the computer. The latest version of Microsoft Outlook helps sort plenty of information, share the files between contact points, manage your busy days. The new Outlook application unites the main tools necessary for effective work – mail, calendar, contacts and files – helping you to make more even on the smallest screen.

Ease of Use

The intellectual folder “Inbox” has a special filter to sort all messages which you need to respond to, which contain important information and events. With only one movement of a finger, I can plan the schedule, delete messages and send them to archive.
It’s easy to share data on the availability and find a suitable time for meetings. Look through and attach to messages any files from mail, OneDrive, Dropbox and other services, without geting anything on your phone.
Open files from Word, Excel and other Office documents in the necessary application at once, and then without problems add them back to messages.


As well as the desktop version, the interface of mobile Outlook for iOS and Android is simple, logical and issued in white colour with blue elements of separate details illumination. The application is adapted to each of operating systems. Thus, owners of iPhone will receive buttons and other registration in style of the mobile email application of Apple, and users of Android – big blue headings in Gmail style and native icons of Android.
Microsoft Outlook can be used on smartphones and tablets. The users of smartphones will see on the screen only the list of the last letters while on tablets the window with a preview of chosen letters will appear.


Users can get this app for free. But if working with Word, Excel, PowerPoint is important; it’s better to buy a subscription “Office 365” for $69.99 per year or 6,99 per month. After the registration users are able to operate calendar and contacts.

  • Fast sorting of mail in one touch is possible because of the improved gestures in Outlook. You can move letters to the archive with only one simple gesture;
  • The calendars are available directly in Outlook application. You can switch between your emails and calendar to arrange the next meeting;
  • The Prompt reply function allows you to respond to invitations (To accept / Under a question / to Reject) directly from the mailbox, even without opening the message;
  • A search of the important messages is extremely fast now. The anticipating search of Outlook quickly finds the necessary messages, people and files while you have printed only several letters. Also, Outlook gives an opportunity to see people who you talk to most of the time, and it is easy to find all their messages, meetings and files.


  • Some users find the new interface in Outlook app inconvenient. All the messages were put in one list, and it’s difficult to look for them;
  • The mailbox isn’t registered for the IMAP protocol now.


Microsoft Outlook is a free post service which has various functions. Google Play app makes receiving and sending messages easier. As it is synchronized with Calendar, users have no problems with arranging meetings.

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