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An updated version of TeamViewer for Android is the best app for remote control of the computer. Now we can completely control the computer directly from the smartphone. This software will allow to give support or provide continuous access to computers with remote service.

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The most important feature is remote computers control, first-line support of clients, colleagues and friends, access to a desktop of your office computer with all documents and applications. The app for all Android devices also provides remote administration of computers, easy access to the computers protected by firewalls and proxy servers, intuitive management using gestures, including the support of multitouch gestures. What is more, the app has other features:

  • File transfer in both directions;
  • Full support of functions of the keyboard;
  • Support of several monitors;
  • Sound transmission and video in real time;
  • The royal standards of safety.

Ease of Use

The app is quite straightforward and convenient. It is easy:

  • to carry out support of clients’ and colleagues’ computers;
  • to get access to office computer with all documents and the installed applications;
  • to carry out the remote administration of computers with remote service (for example servers).


In settings, you can choose a display resolution of the computer, quality of the picture, concealment of wall-paper for higher speed, display of the cursor of the remote computer and other settings.
The panel with management is at the bottom of the page. The buttons are used:

  • to finish connection;
  • to open the keyboard;
  • to search;
  • to switch off or reset.


For non-commercial usage, the Android app is absolutely free. So you can create and edit files, delete, rename, copy files and folders, work in any programs (except games), control some project or the website remotely. If you want to have access to conferences and demonstrations, Wake-on-LAN, purchase the license for an individual user at a price of $515. You should pay only once and get a full license, which gives the possibility to manage the unlimited number of mobile devices and computers.
If you need the app for several mobile devices and computers, you can buy the Premium Business license for the price $1000. The premium license gives the possibility to get 1 channel of simultaneous users’ actions and the report of the connections.

  • TeamViewer is the application which provides fast and safe access to the Windows, Mac and Linux systems;
  • The application is installed immediately in connection with any personal computer or the server;
  • You can operate being far from the computer of your partner so as if you sit at him. Even if you are in the other city, you can correct a malfunction.


  • The Business license on PC is very expensive. It includes control of the device, adjusted user modules, conferences and demonstrations, Wake-on-LAN;
  • TeamViewer app doesn’t support the latest desktop program;
  • The speed of a free version is very slow even for sharing small files.


TeamViewer is an irreplaceable app for those who need to control one or several computers remotely. Get some help with your device after installing the app TeamViewer Quick Support. In general, the possibilities of the program are boundless. The app has very good security standards. There is a possibility to share files, videos and photos. However, you need to purchase the license for commercial use of the app.

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