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The Class Dojo app transforms the teaching experience by connecting parents, teachers and students thus eliminating barriers across home and the classroom. Teachers may use this educational collaboration app to update parents on their child’s progress in school, and parents can immerse themselves in their children’s classroom experiences.

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Through the app, all involved parties can access directly Class Dojo’s web resources which are categorized according to parent, student and teacher needs. Parents can access photos, videos, and messages sent by their children or teachers and, at the same time, access behavior graphs and personal profiles based on the ‘monster avatars’ for their children. To access these profiles, they will need unique access codes provided to each child.
Students can access resources similar to their parents, but they can also add their classwork to their profiles and be part of multiple Dojo classrooms at the same time. Teachers can access a wide array of resources such as video tutorials, presentations, and decorations to display around their classrooms. Teachers are responsible for setting up and naming class profiles. They can also decide what values (positive or negative) to establish and assign. These include such things as Participation, Perseverance, Hard work, and Teamwork, depending on the child’s performance in class.
The instructor is also responsible for creating class lists in the Dojo program and assigning avatars to the students in the class. They can track progress, generate reports, send invites to parents and access entire behavior metrics.
Class Dojo is compatible with both Google Android and iOS devices. The app requires Android 4.1 or higher, iOS 9.0 or above.

Ease of Use 

Overall comments about the app including my own experience are positive, but the app keeps crashing incessantly, and even updates don’t solve the bugs. Some users have complained that they cannot access videos from the app while others can’t view their notifications. There are privacy concerns with this app, with parents noting that other teachers, even those not assigned to their children’s classes, can see their behavior profiles.


The UI design is simple and effective, and it looks good on any device. On the Homeroom, you can view the little-animated avatars and names for each student in a minimalist tiled fashion. On the Class Story tab, check out real HD videos and photos of the class posted by the teacher, while the Toolkit offers colorful menu options such as Timer, Group Maker, Radio, and Directions among others. The design is quite intuitive.


The app is completely free on both iOS and Google Play, but there are in-app purchases such as After School Club for $7.99, and Mojo Discovers Gratitude for $2.99.

  • Effective design;
  • Solves the problem of parent-teacher interaction in real time;
  • Great photo and video quality.


  • Poses privacy concerns;
  • Quite glitchy;
  • Teachers assigning behavior points don’t explain the reasons for some of these assessments.


Overall, Class Dojo offers beneficial features for improving collaboration between teachers and parents. I was hoping the latest version would be able to solve most of the bugs associated with the app’s operation, but it didn’t happen. Either way, the app works fine on most occasions, so I’d definitely recommend it.

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