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Islam 360 app is one of the best tools for learning the Quran that lets you read and search through various translations of the Quran right on your devices. You will also find it useful for your daily devotions and Swalahs, and for Duas and Sunnahs.

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The Islam 360 app for iOS and Google Android lets you search, read or listen to Surahs or Paras of the Holy Quran. You can also get translations of the same in English, Urdu or Roman Urdu. It offers the complete Quran in various versions and Tafseer. The app also gives you 16 Qari’s recitations.
You are granted access to the 6 Hadees books in both English and Urdu, and also Hadees audio and Ibadat sections. The Hadees are referenceable. You can also access a Duas section. An audio of the Sahih Bukhari translation is also available.
Searches on the app are either by Urdu or English, and it is possible to search by root-word, and the app provides Al-Nasai with international numbering.
The app is compatible with Android 4.0 or higher, iOS 9.0 or later.

Ease of Use 

The app usually works seamlessly, with very few complaints about bugs, but these do exist and the app freezes on occasion. The only drawback is the audio which often doesn’t work properly. Some users have also complained that some Urdu translations weren’t complete. Two books of the Hadees and an update for the Tasbeeh Counter have been added in the latest version.


The design of the app is simple, and the UI is highly intuitive. The text is contrasted clearly against the white background, and the annotate feature also helps users with smaller devices. The UI is a series of colorful panels which are easily navigable.


You can get the app free of charge, but there are in-app purchases offering Greetings and Ads Free. You will also need either a $5 a month premium subscription with all unlocked features or a $50-lifetime purchase.  

  • Pleasant UI;
  • Offers a highlight feature which you can use to save the annotated section;
  • Offers three different translations;
  • Searchable by audio too;
  • Very responsive support.


  • Occasional bugs that cause the app to freeze;
  • Lacks a bookmarks feature;
  • Audio support needs work;
  • No daily Hadees notification, but offers a daily Ayat notification.


Some users have called this app the most comprehensive Islam app on the market right now, and it covers all aspects of Islam with its various features. The app offers so many advantages that it is a must-have for all Islamic users with smart devices. What I like most is that the customer support is very responsive and devs are always rolling out new updates to make the app better.
I’d definitely recommend the iOS or Android app for anyone who likes to keep on top of their Quran reading and devotions.

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