Shazam Review: Hey, What’s This Song Called?

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Publisher: Shazam Entertainment Limited
Last update: 8 months ago
Size: 27.06M
Compatibility: Android 4.0 and up, iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Price: free
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The Shazam app brings all of the best music right to your fingertips. Shazam is a trailblazer in intelligent music recognition technology and gives users the power to find any song based on a small snippet, and add it to their library for later listening. Users can also download songs, watch videos, and enjoy a wide variety of other smart features, which Shazam’s millions of users worldwide can’t seem to live without.


The layout is simple and it’s easy to identify songs with a single press of the huge button in the middle of the screen. As the program is an international success, the base of Shazam contains not only worldwide mainstream but also popular local music.
After Shazam recognizes the song you see its name, artist, and album (with covers if available). You also get direct links to YouTube search results and to iTunes (if the song is available) where you can buy it with one tap.
Another great feature is the news tab. After you have explored enough songs for making conclusions Shazam starts selecting news for you according to your preferences.
For example, if you have Shazamed some rap songs it will bring you news about hip hop and rap artists. So it is with rock, EDM or any other kind of music.  
There’ll also be the latest Shazam chart of your country. There’s even one more step towards your favorite artists. Subscribe to their accounts to watch what they shazam and listen to the same music as your stars! The score of the design is 5/5.


Shazam App for Android and iOS is a client of an incredibly popular music recognition service. Its easiness and social features have made it a must-have app. No need to listen to the radio for countless hours waiting for that flashing song again. Just be quick enough to start Shazam before it’s over! It’s easy as the app is available for your iPhone, iPad and even for Apple Watch. On Android, Shazam is equally capable and it’s free (although it has ads).
The recognition process is as easy as can be. All you need is make sure the music is loud and clear enough. When you’re in a nightclub you’ll also care about not overloading. If the music’s too loud it may cause distortion preventing it from being recognized.
But if the music is clear and loud enough it’ll take seconds to recognize the track. It even doesn’t require high connection speed. Before recognition music is encoded into an AMR file (this format has been used by old recorders for voice recording). It only stores a narrow range of sound frequencies that are responsible for human voice sounds. Surprisingly it’s enough to recognize tracks by short excerpts. By the way, you can shazam even when you’re offline. After you get connected the app will automatically upload the recording and get the result. The score of the features is 5/5.


  • Offline mode allows for use even when not connected to the internet;
  • Intuitive interface finds songs based on a sound recognition clip;
  • User-friendly and clean design;
  • Works with a variety of popular music streaming apps.


  • Frequent ad popups can cause errors;
  • Listening to and downloading music often requires a subscription to a music streaming app;
  • Does not work with MIPS devices.


The Shazam app is convenient and user-friendly for users of all ages. The main page interface and easy-to-navigate layout make it simple to find and access any features without having to go through additional settings. The Shazam app is available for Android and iOS but does not work with MIPS devices. The score is 5/5.

The Verdict

The Shazam app is a convenient tool to gain access to any song you hear, based on a simple tap located on the front of the Shazam main page. Keep all of your favorite tracks in one place, get access to free and paid content, and share and see what friends are into, all in the one app.

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