Full Review of SideSync – Transfer Information between Devices

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SideSync is a new idea for shared use of personal computers and mobile devices on the base of Android. Google app easily allows to share screens, windows and to transfer information from one device to another. There are no limits between personal computers and mobile devices anymore.

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SideSync app is a unique application for management of the personal computer using a smartphone and vice versa. There is a menu of fast access, which facilitates process notably. In the case of being remote, I can still connect to the personal computer, and get all the necessary files. The only thing that user needs is to install this application on the smartphone and to install a server part on the personal computer. If the server part is not installed on PC, the mobile device can’t connect to the laptop.

Ease of Use

It is possible to use the mobile Android device as an additional monitor in the mode of sharing the keyboard and a mouse. Specify a smartphone arrangement in the menu of setting up the SideSync program, and then move the mouse cursor. The icon of the cursor will be displayed on the screen of the mobile Android device. All the functions of the computer are available.

While two devices are connected, and the smartphone screen is displayed on PC, you can operate all the mobile functions on the monitor, as if you had your smartphone in hands. PC is getting messages; information about passed calls appears on the screen. It’s possible to copy the text on PC and insert it into the smartphone.

The number of functions depends on the model of smartphone. Moving files and documents can be done on Samsung Galaxy S5, but the function is not supported by S4. Using the app you can easily connect two Android devices. SideSync must be installed on each.


You can see just the same screen displayed on your smartphone or tablet. The size of the screen is adapted to the diagonal of a mobile device, it must be 10,1-inch or less. It will still work on other mobile devices, but it won`t be so comfortable for eyes.


The app is entirely free. There’s no paid version, but we can see some restrictions while using the app on outdated devices. On Note 2 NE6 not all the functions operate properly. Galaxy Note 3 (2, S3, S4) doesn’t support drag and drop files and documents moving. Some features may not operate well on mirrored tablets or PCs.

  • For convenience, the keyboard can be used in services where it wasn’t accessible before;
  • Responding to comments, photos on Instagram and other social networking sites is extremely easy;
  • There’s no need to type long texts on the virtual keyboard of the 5-inch smartphone anymore. Now it can be done from the computer – in a window, where the Android interface with all applications is displayed.


  • The app is not supported on all smartphones and tablets. If you were able to install the app on the outdated device like the one produced in 2014, not all of the functions would be accessible;
  • Some users say about the problems with voice communication on a computer. It works normally only on the latest Android devices;
  • SydeSync and Phone Screen Sharing work only on laptops and smartphones produced by Samsung.


Thanks to the mode of the general access to the screen, the interface of the smartphone will be displayed on personal computer screen. The app allows operating functions of the Android mobile directly on the PC. The size of the mobile device screen can be adjusted to user needs. Keyboard and mouse sharing is a good possibility to use Android device as a PC monitor and easily operate the device.

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