Full Review of SwiftKey Keyboard: Making your Writing Easier

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You may know me for my passion for productivity apps and everything that helps stay organized. So, today I’d like to tell you a little bit about SwiftKey Keyboard which promises to improve your writing and make you free from typos. Let’s take a closer look!

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SwiftKey Keyboard is claimed to learn from your writing style and vocabulary to make your writing easier and faster. Because of that, the autocorrect and predictive text work pretty well as they’re customized for you. In most cases, the app predicts your next word accurately, and the autocorrect can even insert missing spaces for you.

Keep in mind, that the app requests the access to your SMS messages to make its predictions even more accurate.

The app not only gives you recommendations for words but also features smart punctuation. It’s even claimed to predict emojis if you use them, but that feature doesn’t work very well in my experience. Thank Goodness, I don’t use emojis very often. There are also various stickers available, and you even can make them on your own.

What’s important, SwiftKey Keyboard supports more than 200 languages including Spanish, German, Turkish, Arabic, and many others. It also supports not only US English but also that of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. So, texting to my friend in Sidney has never been easier.

One more interesting feature of this app is bilingual typing when you can type across up to 5 languages without having to switch settings. In reality, when I added the second language keyboard, the accuracy and the loading speed dropped noticeably. Also, the app tends to suggest words from both languages which can even complicate typing.

With this app, you can type as usual or swipe to type, meaning sliding from letter to letter. I’m not a big fan of the latter option, although many of my friends just love it. Tastes differ!

Ease of Use

Overall, the app is clear and easy-to-use. Word prediction and autocorrect tend to work well, although if you’re typing a big word, the app may split it into several shorter ones, and these will be completely unrelated words. So, if you have a large vocabulary and use many «sophisticated» words, using this app may be a little disappointing.

And I recommend you to reread all the texts that SwiftKey Keyboard autocorrected. Sometimes typos still occur, so if you’re writing something important, you definitely want to double-check your message.


SwiftKey Keyboard features more than 80 uniquely designed keyboard themes that meet your every need. The nicest thing is that now they’re available for free, yet a couple of years ago I had to pay about a dollar for each one of them.

As for the interface, it’s rather clear and intuitive. The actual keyboard differs a little bit from a common smartphone, tablet or laptop keyboard. For instance, numbers and punctuations marks are placed a little bit differently. But I find this even more convenient.


SwiftKey Keyboard is free to get and to use since 2014. Moreover, after latest updates, all themes are also completely free while earlier you had to pay for them. So, now you can enjoy not only app’s useful features but also its various themes for free.


  • The app is free to use, and you even can enjoy all its wonderful themes for free;
  • AI-powered predictions and autocorrect work pretty well;
  • The app supports more than 200 languages, and there is a bilingual typing feature.


  • Some features are only supported by certain versions of Android;
  • When typing multi-syllable words, autocorrect may work incorrectly (pun intended);
  • Typing long messages is still a chore;
  • A bilingual typing feature tends to slow the app down.


So, SwiftKey Keyboard is a pretty good productivity app that is supposed to make your writing easier and faster. In fact, not everything goes smoothly, but that’s okay. One can’t expect from autocorrect to work perfectly 100% of the time, right?

Still, I would recommend this app to everyone who wants to make their typing easier and hassle-free. Just remember to reread everything you wrote so that there won’t be any embarrassing typos.

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