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The Adobe Connect app brings you all the fantastic desktop tools for Adobe right on your iOS or Android device. You can take full control of meetings remotely which is extremely useful, especially if you work from home or travel a lot.

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With your Adobe Connect account, you can host or participate in meetings, virtual conferences and webinars no matter the location, provided you have a stable Internet connection.

As the host, you can assign rights and give participants privileges such as drawing or writing, allowing them to make their presentations virtually to the rest of the guests. You can share documents, URLs and create virtual content libraries, especially if you are hosting online classes. Other options include setting up VoIP audio for meetings (including cameras and mics), creating polls, zooming in and out of shared content, interactive chat, setting up Q&As and viewing entire presentations through multiple camera angles and zoom options.

There’s a whole lot of other options such as the use of emoticons (e.g., Raise Hand, Agree/Disagree), Starting, Stopping or Pausing Meetings and inviting others to meetings. You can also set up your own content library and share directly from it. However, that’s not even close to an exhaustive list of all the features the app has in store. The app will require Android 4.4, and iOS 7.0 or later.

Ease of Use

Due to the wide variety of functionality that Adobe Connect offers, this won’t be the most accessible app for you to make your way around. Participants in corporate organizations may require a bit of training before they totally get used to this app. I didn’t like the unintuitive design too much.

The latest version offers support for iPhone X and updates for bug fixes. You’d be better off using the app on a tablet as opposed to a small-screen device as you can’t split the screen on the latter.


The app is professionally designed and looks just like the desktop counterpart. Much of the font is quite small to read clearly, and you will definitely struggle with the app especially if you are using it on anything other than a tablet. The design is a bit bland and doesn’t offer you an option for any type of customization to liven up the experience.


The app is free to install. There are no in-app purchases.

  • Offers actual cost benefits because you don’t have to set up or participate in actual physical conferences;
  • Affords you a wide variety of enterprise mobility tools;
  • The app is generally stable for both iOS and Android mobile.


  • Cluttered and unintuitive UI;
  • The webcam and live stream quality is quite poor;
  • Isn’t optimized for small screen devices.


Adobe Connect is a great way to manage teams remotely and offers excellent tools for enterprise mobility. Though it isn’t the leading web-conferencing utility in my view, it’s still miles ahead of the competition because it packs useful features in a mobile app. For that reason, I’d recommend it.

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