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It doesn’t matter whether you plan to spend an entire weekend in nature or you just have to get to work the next day, it’s always a good idea to find out the weather forecast beforehand. Nowadays, it’s as easy as it gets with all the weather applications available. The Weather Channel is one of such apps, and if you want to find out more about its characteristics and why you should look into it, continue reading.


Once you open the application, you are greeted with a home screen, which displays the current weather conditions on a particular background image. In most cases, the photo is chosen by the app depending on where you are at that moment, but occasionally you will see random stock images, especially for smaller towns. Other information in the app, such as hourly forecast, is displayed on the panels organized in vertical columns. One disadvantage of such design is that you may have to scroll down for a while to find a specific piece of information, as these panels cannot be moved around or deleted. The design of the app can definitely be characterized as pleasant, due to an attractive and dynamic home screen.


When it comes to modern weather apps, the majority of them offer you a wide range of additional functions you can explore and find quite useful. Instead of just seeing the degrees or whether it will rain the next day, you can get into a lot more details.
The Weather Channel application allows you to look up forecasts for different time periods depending on which ones interest you, including hourly, daily, and weekly. You can even see the forecasts for 15 days, which can be quite valuable if you plan a trip or a certain outdoor event in the future. The image that is used on the home screen of the app gets changed depending on where you are, the time of day, and current conditions. This definitely makes the app even more exciting to use.
Other additional details you can view with the help of this application are the speed of the wind, humidity, barometric pressure, sunset and sunrise times, the level of heat, and more. The application even offers you the pollen counts, which is extremely important to those suffering from allergies. Also, as the same temperature feels quite different depending on various factors, The Weather Channel provides you with relevant information on how the weather actually feels.
If you live in a place where severe weather conditions are not uncommon or you want to travel to such location, you will certainly benefit from the alerts offered by the Weather Channel app. The notifications are provided to users of the app in real time by the National Weather Service. They will inform about any natural disasters from lightning to storms and anything in between.
Another unique feature of the app is a short weather show, which brings you all the latest news and interesting information every morning. You can start your day prepared watching the show on your home screen during weekdays from 6 to 11 AM.
If you’re curious and want to see the weather at a certain location with your own eyes, you can use the radar feature available in the application. The initial geolocation on the map is performed according to where you are, and you can zoom the place at any moment. It’s quite a fun feature to play around with, and besides viewing the current conditions, you can see an animation showing you what to expect in the upcoming days.
Overall, this application is easy to use and has everything you need and more in terms of weather details.

  • Convenient and intuitive;
  • Ice-looking home screen;
  • Hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts;
  • A large number of additional weather details;
  • Radar feature to view weather in real time.

Cons :

  • Ad-supported in the free version.

Ease of Use

There is nothing about this application that will confuse you, as it is quite straightforward and intuitive. The main screen is designed to provide you with the essential information in just a glance, and only with a couple of scrolls, you can see a lot more details, including hourly and daily forecasts. Also, the app offers you a large list of languages to choose from, such as German, Danish, Greek, French, Arabic, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Turkish, and a lot more.

The Verdict

Checking the weather is a part of a daily routine for a lot of people as it’s always a good idea to be prepared and make sure you choose the right clothes. Whether you want to spend your weekend on a picnic, go on a vacation, or you want to be notified about any weather extremes, you should definitely try this app. Weather Channel is an easy-to-use application, which has a pleasant design and provides you with the most detailed weather reports you may possibly need. What is also great about this app is that it’s free and available for the majority of platforms, which is not always the case.

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