Hey, my name is Emma. And you are currently on the page of my personal blog dedicated to mobile applications.

My interest to IT is more like a hobby, and my general occupation is studying business administration and management. I am a student at Felician College in New Jersey. You’d ask me why a girl wants to study business? Well, I think it’s a good start for finding an interesting job. The variety of offers for graduates with a business degree is huge enough. I can go on to work in hundreds of different sectors, and not all of them are typically associated with business in general.

But, this was a remarque about my far future. Let me tell you what I am occupied with now. Besides studying, I am always in search of decent software that is called upon to simplify our lives. If the modern technologies are not for this than what for?

You must agree, we already can’t imagine our lives without a smartphone or another gadget in our pocket. Why not make it complied with most of your requirements for life and its organizing?

I think we should appreciate all mobile applications that fight a nightmare of the routine, overdue work/study/household tasks and even boredom in the moments of idleness. I am a real fan of such! So here on my webpage, I try to collect all the best mobile apps for work, study, hobbies and fun.

Let’s make our gadgets smart and useful! Let’s celebrate the era of IT by using its achievements for our good intentions. Discover here hundreds of helpful apps found, tested and approved by Emma.

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