Find My iPhone Review

Find My iPhone
OS:My Reviews Minimum Os Version 8.0.iPad2Wifi-iPad2Wifi


  • Remote wipe
  • Useful for tracking a lost phone
  • You can see all devices on a map and remotely trigger a sound
  • Diverse set of features
  • User-friendly interface.


  • You’ll need an Internet connection to use the app
  • Your device will be regularly asked its location.

Design and Usability 10

Key Functions 8

Security 9

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Have you recently misplaced your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Do not panic, here is a leading mobile app that will let you find it using any other iOS device. By simply installing the Find My iPhone app, you will be able to locate and lock your missing device!


This app is as inclusive as ever; offering access to different languages that range from English to Croatian, Hindi, and Hungarian among many others. It has a clear interface that is quite easy to navigate from the first to the last step. The best part is that it brings all your iOS devices for you to select from and locate. Once you have selected the misplaced device, the app displays the “actions” button at the top of the screen, making your search quite simple. 10/10.


With Find my iPhone, you will be able to find your phone more than simply. Here are all the unique capabilities of this app:

  • Locate your iOS device on a map

  • Make your device play sounds at full volume even if you had set it on silent at the time it got lost

  • Lock the device remotely and enable a passcode

  • Display a message of your choice on the screen

  • View the recent location of your iOS device while it’s in Lost Mode

  • Get directions to where your device has been located

  • Delete all data on your device – you can do this remotely, erasing all data and settings instantly

  • View your device’s battery level

There are a few features included in the latest update that are available only for users with iOS 9:

  • Simultaneously view your location alongside that of the missing device on one map

  • Cancel a request to erase data especially if your device is offline at the time.  

The score of this point is 8/10.


In order for Find My iPhone to work, you need to give it access to your device’s location services. As long as your misplaced device is on, you can use the app on another device to track your own. Another alternative is signing into your iCloud account and tapping on Find My iPhone. Whichever option you choose, this app will immediately indicate the location of your device on a map. It will then offer you several options; you can ring, erase or lock the device. This tool works seamlessly to ensure you have found your phone in the shortest time possible. 9/10.


You would expect that such an innovative app would be worth quite a fortune. Well, the good news is that you can download Find my iPhone for absolutely free. This app is available for all iOS devices at no extra cost.

The Verdict

Find My iPhone is a must-have! It literally points you in the direction of one of your most valuable possessions, going as far as offering you a driving map to the device’s current location. What has won me over is that you can download it for free and access all these amazing features! Although it requires an Internet connection to work, which might prove challenging when you are in a location with no Internet coverage, it remains the best option for users of iOS 8 and devices with the latest version of the system. For best results, it is advisable that you create a unique Apple ID for use on iCloud with your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Mac.

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